A study of the thriving gambling business in Canada

The data provided by the Canadian Gaming Association is impressive. The total annual revenue of online casino and legacy casino is approximately $10 to $15 billion, an amazing figure for a country with a total human population of 37.59 mln. The market exists without a strict and unified gambling legal framework.

Federal Regulation

A place like King Billy Casino immediately wants to note that, unlike most world countries, Canada has a legislative system where the federal government formulates fundamental decisions that are then used by regional authorities to create their own, more elaborate and specific laws. In Canada, these divisions form the framework under the Criminal Code, namely sections 204, 206 and 207. In the country, the regulation of both land-based and online casino Canada is left to the provincial authorities. There are only 13, but each of them has its own conditions and statutes in the sphere of the gambling business, including the established age to start playing and other conditions and rules of registration.

Provincial Regulation

  • Alberta

Players could gamble from the age of 18. Lotteries, casino games, and horse racing were allowed.

  • British Columbia

Gaming is available starting from 19 years old. Physical casinos and all types of their games are completely legal. Therefore, all establishments are required to pay a 10% tax on revenues to the government of the province.

  • Labrador

Here more than anywhere else, only online lottery is allowed, while in real life people have access to regular lottery and horse racing stakes. All of this can be done from the age of 19.

  • Manitoba

Gambling is allowed from the age of majority. Best Canadian online casino is available on the LCBC website, but offline establishments and all their entertainment are available in full.

  • New Brunswick

No person under 19 years old can be a user of the best canadian online casino. The province only allows online and offline lotteries and wagers on horse races

  • Newfoundland

Access to gambling venues is provided to people who are at least 19 years old. Both online and traditional lotteries are available, as well as sports betting.

  • Northwest Territories

Online casino platforms are banned and only lotteries are available from the age of 19.

  • Nova Scotia

Enjoying your favourite games is legally allowed from 19. The county is present with an internet lottery. Online casino canada real money tournaments, physical establishments and bookmakers are available.

  • Ontario

Gamblers can participate in the games from 19 years old. A huge number of physical casinos are present, while only lotteries are allowed on the internet.

  • Prince Edward Island

People over 18 years of age are permitted to gamble. Only the state lottery is available on the Internet, while offline citizens have the possibility to attend the entertainment complex, which includes a casino and a racetrack.

  • Quebec

In the province, gambling is possible from the age of majority, where 2 lotteries have been built and poker rooms with participating offline and online casino Canada real money competitions are allowed. The county also boasts a large number of betting stores.

  • Saskatchewan and Yukon

The law enables gambling in the provinces from the age of 19. Internet casinos with bookmakers and private lotteries are allowed here, as well as land-based clubs.

Online Gambling

Despite the fact that Canadian citizens can not gamble in all provinces it is worth noting that there is no outright ban on betting money at another worldwide online casino. The Internet gambling field in Canada is regulated by the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, which remain unchanged. However, the final judgment on the legality of both land-based and online businesses rests with the 10 provinces. At the same time, there is no law anywhere that online gambling entertainment and establishments are prohibited. Owners of online platforms will be penalized only if their users played games before the age of consent or if their actions violated any other law. And even in this case, the Canadian authorities are only authorized to fine local residents, not tourists or citizens of other countries.

Interestingly, until today, there have been no cases of a gamer being penalized or fined for gambling online. However, we still recommend Canadians to make deposits to online casino Canada accounts via cryptocurrency or non-local services so that all gamblers’ activities are confidential and safe.

Gambling Licensing

To create the best Canadian online casino, such as “King Billy” or “PokerStars” it is necessary to have one or a couple of licenses. However, it directly depends on the preferences and goals of the future owners of the establishments.

  • Type 1 – lotteries, slots or online casino Canada,
  • Type 2 – prize drawings and internet wagering;
  • Type 3 – bingo, blackjack and poker;
  • Type 4 – for institutions that sell their own software.

Importantly, however, it is important to remember that those classifications can be highly arbitrary and often change due to differences in gambling legislation in different provinces. As for prices, for example, in the county of Quebec, the cost of an online casino license is $ 40.000, you must pay separately a mandatory annual fee of $35.000, as well as a fee to the fiscal authorities, which is a substitute for the need to provide financial statements after the first year from the date of opening of the company. When registering a company, the operator must also pay a fee of $5,000, intended to pass the online casino verification procedure. The license term is 1 year and upon expiration of this period, the operator must pay a one-time fee of $100,000 to be allowed to continue to work under a license in this legal jurisdiction.

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A study of the thriving gambling business in Canada

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